piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

Pack from Romania!


I came home and what I saw...
... a plump pack from Romania... :)

Catalin! Thank you so much for your letter and gifts!

Look what I received :)

Letter and Romanian sweets:
- rum flavored chocolate "Rom",
- chocolate Poiana,
- cream biscuit called "Eugenia",
- bubble gum "Turbo".

This is great thing!

Leu bancnote - the national currency of Romania! :)
This bancnote is made from polymer, featuring Romanian most important historian 
Nicolae Iorga.

Coins - it's subdivisions of the leu.
It is called ban/bani.
5,10,50 bani
1 leu it's 100 bani
Thank you again! :)

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