sobota, 8 sierpnia 2015

New country!!! South Korea

Welcome back!

Last times I received a card.
New card.

From new country:

Card from Jiwon.
Thank you so much.

(very modern art I think...) :D

P.S. Do you have any job offer for me?:D

piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

Postcard from USA!!

Nothing making you day better than surprise :)

This time I got a surprise from my friend Rick, from USA :)
What a lovely card I got!

Thank you so much. !!!!
I love it.

sobota, 20 czerwca 2015

Portugal cards! Uuooo Uooo ;)

Bom Dia!

Postcards which I got from Paulo (Portugal) - that's what
you can see below on pictures.

 Guess which one is my favourite here?

Lisbon - Monument of Christ the King and bridge of April 25.

Lisbon - Elevator Bica

 Cascais - Farol de Santa Maria

Thank you Paulo!

piątek, 19 czerwca 2015

Postcards from Russia!! :)


 My dear visitors - I want to show you 
one of my favourite card series, 
which I got from Russia :)

USSR posters :)

Ekaterina - Thank you for this cards! <3

And beautiful stamps! :)

poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2015

First stamped card from Mexico!

Hello after long break again :)

Today I want to show you card which was big surprise for me :)
I received card from Mexico from provivate swap.
The thing is that this card was sent on... 26 April! And reached me in second week od June! :D

It took so much time that I already forgot about this swap and... BANG!

Just look at this card and great stamp :)

Luis, you made my day :)


Thank you again! 

środa, 6 maja 2015

Prize from blog contest :) Poland

Hello everybody!
Welcome after light break :)

Today I received a postcard which I won in a blog contest :)

Thank you Piotrek :)
I really like it :)

And great stamp with a movie which got an Oscar!
Polish "Ida" :)


piątek, 24 kwietnia 2015

List do nieznajomego - challenge!! Letter from Poland :)

Today, I'm showing you letter which I got
from a challenge called "A letter to a stranger"
(List do nieznajomego)

It was created by one of postcrossers on Facebook :)
Everybody who wanted to join - could do it till specified time 
as a request to facebook group :)
Then organizator randomly chose who sending letter to other unknown person :)
Send adresses and now what we have - a letter from a stranger :)

Thank you so much Ania for a letter :)
Unfortunately dried heather doesn't stand the trip carefully :(


niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2015

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2015

Musée océanographique in Monaco-Ville - postcards and memories :)

Musée océanographique.

The Oceanographic Museum is a museum of marine sciences in Monaco-Ville, Monaco. It is home to the Mediterranean Science Commission. This building is part of the Oceanographic Institute which is committed to sharing its knowledge of the oceans.

Postcards from Museum:

Some ciews from museum:

Happy fish. :D