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DIY tea box :D

Everyone of us have boring days...
...but it's better to have boring day with desire to do something  :D

So if you have desire, and you like my idea - made with my a tea box :)
Nothing special.. but still better than surfing net without sense.. :D

You need:
- box (I used a box of my favourite tea)
- sheet of plain paper A4
- sheet of thicker paper A4
- decorative tape
- transparent tape
- glue
- scissors
- black fineliner
- pencil
- printed images

First step:

Glue the white paper on the box.
Cut the lid in a half. To leave place for writing :)

Next step:

Cut from other paper a parts to stick it on box.
Connect this parts with tape.
And next - place it on box, stick it with tape, just do it :D :D 

Then, chose the best picture for you and decorate your box.
This pictures you can download here:

Then... take a black fineline and write there... what you like.
I wrote "Herbata" cause in Polish it means "tea" :)
How is "tea" in your language? :)

And voila!
Box is ready :)

You can decorate it as you want ;)
Tapes which I use you can find here: http://www.postallove.com/
In section Accessories and Decorative Tapes :)
Use your creativity :)
You can make it even better!

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