About me

Hello! Привіт! Привет! Salut! Ciao! Ahoj! Hi! Hola! Hei! Oi! Hej!
I'm Anna. And at the moment you are visiting my blog!

You can find here all my cards and letters which I'm receiving. Cause it's my hobby!

Except that you may also find here links to other interesing blogs, competitions, DIY ideas and a lot of different things!

But wait... it's sections "About me..." not about my blog :D

I'm Polish! I'm a student! Business administration - that's my field.
I like a lot of various things: DIY, fashion, retro/vintage decorations, modern 
gadgets, graphic design, tea, aaaand politics, international issues, 
topics related to human rights, refugees... a lot of different things. 
But to know me more - we can always start to be penpal friends! :) 
Just write me ;)

To know me more also you can check my pages:



Keep calm and enjoy my blog! :D

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