sobota, 21 lutego 2015

Postcards from Nice and Monaco!


Today I want to share with you cards which I received from my boyfriend :)

Beautiful cards showing Nice, great city in southern France, located on the azure coast.
Two next cards showing Monaco - Monte Carlo.

Great vintage postcard showing old Nice.


Two girls on a ball... hmmm... :D

Monaco (Monte Carlo)

At the end I'll show you how beautiful looks sunset in Nice, from one of the greatest places
to see city from height - Colline du Chateau.

Thank you !!!

Au revoir!

sobota, 14 lutego 2015

Postcard and tea from Belgium!!! :)

First card from Belgium!!!

Postcard showing Antwerpen, Eva's favourite big city there :)

Thank you Eva so much for this envelope with card and tea <3
I love it :)

Tea!! <3

Butterfly stamp - so so nice :)

czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

Postcards from Russia! :)

What a wonderful package!!!

Alyona sent me 3 great cards!

Pin-up girl, which Im adding to my favourite type of cards and 
two great cards with amazing buildings which I will describe below. 

Алена Спасибо!
Я надеюсь, что мои карты быстро добраться до вас.

The Church of the Ressurection of Christ "Our savour on the Spilt Blood".
Храм воскресения Христова <<Спас на крови>>.

As Alyona noticed me, this church is very often confused with St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
Its really similar, isn't it? 

Pin up girl.

Tsarskoye Selo. The Great (Catherine) Palace.
Царское Село. Большой (Екатерининский) дворец.

Thank youuu!!!!

wtorek, 10 lutego 2015

Wrocłwa postcard from Poland!

Today - postcard!

Direct swap with Paweł.

Card showing different places in Wrocław (Breslau).

As Paweł wrote me, in Wrocław there are 50 churches and over 100 bridges.!

Thank you for swap :)

niedziela, 8 lutego 2015

Decoration for candles - DIY with Ennylin :)!

Sunday... free time...

Maybe you have desire to decorate your space around you?:)

I have one, short, simply and really good looking way how to decorate
your small candles with decoration tapes
which we - postcrossers - usually using to decorate postcards, envelopes, letters :)

All what you need is:

a) tapes

(my tapes I bought in Postallove and Empik store [HEYDA tape])

b) candles
(which you can buy almost everywhere)

The most difficult thing is to stick tape to candle :D
Its really good idea cause tape is as wide as candle so everything fits great together. 

How you like this idea?:)
Show me if you made your handmade decoration :)

sobota, 7 lutego 2015

Postcard and bookmark from Poland!

And this time something special...

I like so much that kind of personalized things, and this thing
I like so much :)

Postcard and bookmark made by my tallented friend, 
everything handmade,
everything original,
designed, made and sent just for me <3

Thank you Marcin !

You chacked my postman and he didn't disappont us :D

Graphic inspired by the Freud interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood :D

More Marcin's works you can find here:
or here:

piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Letter from Hong Kong!


I received a pack from my new pen-friend Gloria from Hong Kong :)
I was so so happy to open it and see all this beautiful gifts which she sent me <3

Gloria, you are amazing!!!
Thank you so much.

Great magnet <3 Adorable :)

I fell in love at first sight <3
Cute bears! 

Thank you once again!
Im starting gathering gifts for you :)