czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

Postcards from Russia! :)

What a wonderful package!!!

Alyona sent me 3 great cards!

Pin-up girl, which Im adding to my favourite type of cards and 
two great cards with amazing buildings which I will describe below. 

Алена Спасибо!
Я надеюсь, что мои карты быстро добраться до вас.

The Church of the Ressurection of Christ "Our savour on the Spilt Blood".
Храм воскресения Христова <<Спас на крови>>.

As Alyona noticed me, this church is very often confused with St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
Its really similar, isn't it? 

Pin up girl.

Tsarskoye Selo. The Great (Catherine) Palace.
Царское Село. Большой (Екатерининский) дворец.

Thank youuu!!!!

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  1. Pierwsza pocztówka najbardziej mnie zachwyciła, te kolory i sam budynek - niesamowite :)