piątek, 31 stycznia 2014

czwartek, 23 stycznia 2014

Letter from Malta :)

Long time ago, in 2013 I received your letter :D
Thank you so much for wonderful card with dolphin :)
And with a city view also.

There are both letters from you :)

Thank you Faye :)

Letter from Poland :)

I decided to add here also a photos with letters from my penpals.
CAROLINE - my good friend, we share a lot of words and it's not our first letter :)

Sweet letter with a Christmas postcard :)

Thank you Caroline <3
Letter for you will be on way probably tomorrow :)

Letter from Chile! :)

Wonderul letter from Valentina :)
My first sending from Chile :) And how significant and original.
I have never received that much gifts in one letter!
Valentina, you're amazing! :]

Thank you so much Valentina :)
Letter for you is on way!!!