wtorek, 23 grudnia 2014

Christmas wishes card from Poland :)

Today's post will show you a card,
which reached me today :)
Its surprise card, occasionally sent by my familly members
cause of Christmas Holidays with wishes :)

Thank you!

niedziela, 21 grudnia 2014

Postcard from Poland!

Hello again!

Today I want to show you card, which I received as a surprise!

Wały Chrobrego

Thank you Justyna!!!

sobota, 20 grudnia 2014

Postcard from Lithuania!


Last card from Lithuania I received... year ago...:)
Such a great thing!

Sventaragis valley and Cathedral Basilica - Vilnius heart from Diana!
Thank you so much for this lovely card!

piątek, 19 grudnia 2014

USA mail!


Im full of positive feelings after receiving your card for me!
Thank you so much for Christmas wishes!

I will contact you in priv. :D

Just look friends, what a beautiful card I got!

Thank you so much again!

My Kitty fits to your sticker!! :)

środa, 10 grudnia 2014

Ready! :)

Hello again!

This is already last one post about my contest :)
Once again - thanks for participation.
Prizes are ready.
Waiting for sending.

I will sent them in next week my dear winners :)

Check your mailboxes and have a good time!

wtorek, 9 grudnia 2014

Contest results!


We have results of my contest :)

The winner is: Małgosia Małgosia!!!

Źródło: e-mail od zwycięzcy

You receiving main set of cards and extra gifts!

(for comments)

Congratulations for rzaba and Greeneyes

You receiving additional sets of cards from my contest post :)

I will contact you all by e-mail or by comment under a post of your blogs :)

Thank you for paticipation and for interest:)
You bring me joy !

sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

Attention! Внимание! Achtung! Увага! ¡Atención! Uwaga! Atenție! Oppmerksomhet!

Hello my dear readers !

Today I prepared somethig special for you.

What thing I should demand from you to win my contest...
Yes! Contest...!
But it wont be anything complicated :)

Let me tell you story how this idea appeard in my mind...

So let me tell you the rules! :)


Visit my blog, and watch which number of view you have.
If you will be 6666 visitor - please, save this image by screenshot, photo or... be creative!
Photo send me on: 

Winner will receive a pack of cards from me!
+ some extra gifts :)

So... let's start the game!

But there won't be only one winner!


If you want to receive little smaller pack of cards leave
a comment with number of your visit.

Please, write also your name. 

After main price I will pick two additional users with Randomizer.
This additional part starting from 6323 visit till 6665! :)

Come one! No limits! Every country, every user :)

Greetings from Poland!

P.S. No I don't want to increase the number of visitors for any other benefit than fun.
It's just for fun and to make it more interesting :)

piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

Pack from Romania!


I came home and what I saw...
... a plump pack from Romania... :)

Catalin! Thank you so much for your letter and gifts!

Look what I received :)

Letter and Romanian sweets:
- rum flavored chocolate "Rom",
- chocolate Poiana,
- cream biscuit called "Eugenia",
- bubble gum "Turbo".

This is great thing!

Leu bancnote - the national currency of Romania! :)
This bancnote is made from polymer, featuring Romanian most important historian 
Nicolae Iorga.

Coins - it's subdivisions of the leu.
It is called ban/bani.
5,10,50 bani
1 leu it's 100 bani
Thank you again! :)