sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

Attention! Внимание! Achtung! Увага! ¡Atención! Uwaga! Atenție! Oppmerksomhet!

Hello my dear readers !

Today I prepared somethig special for you.

What thing I should demand from you to win my contest...
Yes! Contest...!
But it wont be anything complicated :)

Let me tell you story how this idea appeard in my mind...

So let me tell you the rules! :)


Visit my blog, and watch which number of view you have.
If you will be 6666 visitor - please, save this image by screenshot, photo or... be creative!
Photo send me on:

Winner will receive a pack of cards from me!
+ some extra gifts :)

So... let's start the game!

But there won't be only one winner!


If you want to receive little smaller pack of cards leave
a comment with number of your visit.

Please, write also your name. 

After main price I will pick two additional users with Randomizer.
This additional part starting from 6323 visit till 6665! :)

Come one! No limits! Every country, every user :)

Greetings from Poland!

P.S. No I don't want to increase the number of visitors for any other benefit than fun.
It's just for fun and to make it more interesting :)

8 komentarzy:

  1. Thanks for answer :) But I think that's little mistake - number is to high, but we will see ^_^

  2. Trafiłam na: 6585
    Mam nadzieję, że blog sięgnie kiedyś wielokrotności wymarzonej liczby! :)

    Martyna (rzaba)

    1. O, widzę, że licznik już złapany. Gratuluję zwycięzcy. :)

    2. Złapane! Ale brak info od zwycięzcy :)
      Za chwile post o tym co zadecydowałam :)

    3. Wysłałam wczoraj maila ze zdjęciem !

    4. Małgosia, właśnie w nocy go odczytałam :)
      Dziś wieczorem zamieszczę oficjalne wyniki :)