niedziela, 29 marca 2015

Letter from Mexico! New country ;)

Today I want to show you my first letter from Mexico!

 Amazing pakage from Juan Manuel
It was surprise to me, cause card was in way almost by 3 months :)

Thank you so much for letter and card! 
Handwriting is wonderful!

Card showing a part of city during "The Night When No One Sleeps" 
("La Noche Que Nodie Duerme").

Thie event takes place each year on the night of 14 August in city Huamantta. 
On that night local artists working for several hours from sunset, create a magical "carpet" of flowers and colored sawdust over approximately 7-9 km of the streets leading to the main church, which will became the part of procession of the 
"Virgin of Charity" the following morning.
As the Virgin passes by, followed by the faithful who acompany her the sand and colour of fireworks fills the sky, when the Virgin finally entres the church at 7 am, the faithful celebrate a solemn mass to confirm their faith and love for her.


And beautiful christmas stamp <3

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