piątek, 14 lutego 2014

Box for stationery, postcards, and other office stuff! DIY! :)

I decided to add here some interesting ideas 
for DIY things useful in our hobby.
Firstly I made a box where I will hold my stationery, postcards, 
envelopes and other stuff which I need to send cards and letters :)

Meet my new - box!

I decided to show you how to make such a thing. :)

We need: cereal box (my box is a remnant of the dietary fibers),  
gift wrapping paper, glue, scissors and tape.
And a lot of time and consecration :)
Creativity is also welcome!

The box must be wrapped with paper and glue it.
With another color you can cut decorations to make box more interesting.
The difficulty lies in the exact sticking.

When box is ready you can put your things on it. And...
 Voilà! Ça y est!

Do you like it? If you are going to do the same box - show me :)
See you!

Source of idea: pinterest.com

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